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V.gif What did the dinner plate say to the cup?

Dinner’s on me tonight.

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V.gif What do you call an elephant in a phone booth?

Answer: Stuck!

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V.gif What’s a rabbit’s favorite kind of music?


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V.gif What does a skeleton order for dinner?

Spare ribs.

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V.gif What is a math teacher’s favorite type of dessert?

Answer: Pi.

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V.gif What would you get if you crossed a teacher with a vampire?

Lots of blood tests.

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V.gif Why can’t skeletons play music?

Because they have no organs.

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V.gif Why did the man take his clock to the vet?

Because it had ticks.

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V.gif Where did the king keep his army?

In his sleeve.

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V.gif Relationship Between Men-Men and Women-Women

A woman doesn’t
come home one night. The
next day she tells her
husband that she had slept
over at a girlfriend's house. The husband calls his wife's
10 best friends. None of
them know anything about
it.A man doesn’t come home
one night. The next day he tells his wife that he had
slept over at a friend’s
house. The wife calls her
husband's 10 best men
friends. Eight of them
confirm that he had slept over, and two claim that he
was still there.
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V.gif Where’s a wall’s favorite place to meet his friends?

At the corner.

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V.gif What to do not to make your life 'tissue paper'

Ur Past is a Waste Paper,Present is a News Paper,Future is a Question Paper,So Read & Write carefuly otherwise ur life may be a Tissue paper..
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V.gif What do you get if you cross a pine tree with an apple?

A pine-apple.

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V.gif What do a car and an elephant have in common?

They both have trunks.

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V.gif What do you give a sick lemon?


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